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North Polk United Soccer

Referee Information

Referee Conduct & Game Reschedules

The majority of our referees are minors and we welcome those who would like to become a North Polk United referee. If you are a parent or coach who has had an issue with the conduct of a referee, please feel free to contact us. Our goal is to make sure each and every player is safe on the fields and attempt to make sure our referees understand of the game.

We also want to make sure that parents and coaches respect the referees as well. We ask that everyone please remember that most of these kids are gaining valuable experience while refereeing games and not all calls may be made correctly. We will address any conduct that is not appropriate and discuss it personally with our referees.

If you have any issues with a referee or need to reschedule a game please contact Jason Chesley at or 515.943.2949.

Becoming a North Polk United Referee

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U8 Soccer Rules
U10 Soccer Rules
U14/U16/U19 Small Sided Soccer Rules
U12-U9 Soccer Rules

Greater Des Moines Junior Soccer League Rules and Regulations


Please visit the to find referee uniforms and equipment.