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North Polk United Soccer

Register to Play

Welcome to Fall 2023 North Polk United Soccer.

Our registration process is easy to complete. There are a few things that you should be aware of before you register your child for a season of soccer.

***IMPORTANT*** Please review below information before registering:

Information You Must Provide

Please make sure you include or update current contact information when registering your player. If we do not have current information in the system, the club and coaches may not be able to contact you in a timely manner.

Current Youth Photo

You are required to upload a current headshot for any child U7 or above.

Questions Regarding Registration

It is important that you register your child in the right division to ensure you receive the information you need pertaining to your team. If you have any questions at all, please contact our registrar Jodi Einck at

All children born in 2016 or later will be eligible to play soccer for the spring 2021 season.

Age Division and Registration Costs

Division (Birth Year) > Cost
5u (2019) > $60
6u (2018) > $60
7u  (2017) > $80
8u  (2016) > $80
9u (2015) > $85
10u (2014) > $85
11u (2013) > $90
12u (2012) > $90
13u (2011) > $90
14u (2010) > $90
15u (2009) > $90
16u (2008) > $90
17u (2007) > $90
18u (2006) > $90
19u (2005) > $90

Playing Up/Co-Ed Policy

North Polk United parents and players may request to be placed on a team that meets their skill level. Under no circumstance should a youth request to play up because of friends or the social aspect. The only acceptable reason should be because it challenges them at their skill level. Youth who are not ready for a more challenging game are more susceptible to injury that can be detrimental to the play and safety of the game.

North Polk United’s policy states that each team will roster first by honoring age appropriate players. Those players who request a higher level of play will be added to the roster if there is room. Teams will be formed in an attempt to accommodate those who have asked to play up but is dependent on player numbers within the age group. In certain situations, additional younger players may be added to an older roster based on age (in the majority of the situations, the younger kids will still be playing with kids in their same scholastic grade level). Anyone who registers after the initial registration deadline will be placed behind those who signed up during the registration period, even if a younger player is on the roster. Players can also request to play on a co-ed team as long as roster space exists and skill level is equal to the competition.

If multiple youth request to play up and roster spots are limited, the requests will be honored in the order of oldest to youngest.

LATE FEE: For all registrations submitted after it closes, a late fee of $20 will be applied to each participant and required to be paid prior to any participation takes place.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds can be issued for any child that does not participate in a single practice or game. Refunds are based on the age division cost minus the Iowa Soccer $15.00 processing fee.



*Order ASAP as there is a 4-week lead time.



• North Polk United will provide your jersey and you will need to provide your own black shorts and black socks


• BLACK UNIFORM: 1 Black Jersey, 1 Pair of Black Shorts, 1 Pair of Black Socks

• Enter your jersey number when ordering (rec players can pick any number)


• BLACK UNIFORM: 1 Black Jersey, 1 Pair of Black Shorts, 1 Pair of Black Socks

• RED UNIFORM: 1 Red Jersey, 1 Pair of Red Shorts, 1 Pair of Red Socks

• Enter your assigned number when ordering (if uncertain, check with your coach)

Again, we strongly encourage you to order as soon as you can to ensure uniforms arrive before the season begins!  Please reach out if you have any questions!!!

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